Thornton & Ross Dermatology

Thornton & Ross Dermatology is a division of Thornton & Ross, one of the UK's largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical creams, liquids and semi-solids.

Our dermatology Centre of Excellence, based in Yorkshire, is home to a portfolio of three leading dermatological brands.

The Zeroderma range of emollients

The Zeroderma range of emollients offers similar products to leading brands with no compromise on patient care and cost savings of up to 37%. With 8 products to choose from, we offer a wide choice for patients and more opportunities to reduce emollient spend.

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Cetraben's range of emollients has helped millions of people manage their dry and eczema prone skin. Its unique and balanced formulations help to rehydrate dry and damaged skin and protect it from irritants.

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Flexitol has a range of efficacious solutions for conditions affecting distinct areas of the skin. In particular a medically proven treatment for dry cracked skin on the feet associated with diabetic anhydrosis.

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