‘More than Skin Deep’ a new production

Zeroderma is proud to be part of ‘More than Skin Deep’, a specially commissioned co-production between the British Skin Foundation (BSF) and ITN Productions

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It’s not just skin deep

Almost 100 health care professionals chose to watch the Thornton and Ross evening webinar on June 30th, which brought together a panel of experts to discuss skin problems and their link to mental health issues and Covid,

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Face coverings, skin conditions and healthcare workers

The impact on the skin of constant infection prevention precautions should not be underestimated.

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Healthcare staff, COVID precautions and dry skin

If you are a front line health worker, you’ve probably been wearing a face mask and practising hand hygiene a lot more frequently than usual.

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Covid-19-induced skin rashes: which ones healthcare professionals might encounter

Experienced Pharmacist, Rod Tucker, details the skin rashes you should look out for which may be a sign of COVID-19 in your patients.

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