Zeroderma is proud to be part of ‘More than Skin Deep’, a specially commissioned co-production between the British Skin Foundation (BSF) and ITN Productions (ITN’s bespoke productions hub).

Launched at the British Association of Dermatologist’s Annual Meeting in July this year, the news-style programme aims to raise awareness of different types of skin disease, the mental and physical impact on patients and the importance of research into the advancements of new treatments.

Skin conditions affect around 60% of people in the UK at some point in their lives (BSF, 2021). Frequently, a long-term skin disease like eczema or psoriasis has a significant impact on mental health, as well as physical well-being. This is movingly communicated by Russ Cowper, who has lived with psoriasis since his teens. He describes his condition as “emotionally challenging”, highlighting the social stigma which often accompanies such conditions. He describes being asked if “he’s been in a fire” and has even been told he “looks dirty”.

Advice on managing chronic dry skin conditions is provided by GP, Dr Roger Henderson, who has a special interest in dermatology and mental health, and has recently chaired meetings on the topic.

Roger Scarlett-Smith, Executive Vice President, STADA UK & USA, discusses Thornton & Ross’s commitment to providing expert skincare solutions for both healthcare professionals and patients. This commitment is based on trust between the company and its customers. With an extensive range of emollients, digital resources and accredited training courses, Thornton & Ross, part of the STADA group, has a unique offering to help manage often challenging and lifelong skin conditions.

The final word goes to Russ, who now manages his psoriasis by using emollients three times a day and says he’s no longer seen as just “a skin condition, but as a person.”

We’d like to thank the British Skin Foundation and ITN Productions for making the production of this insightful programme possible and we hope it helps many people dealing with chronic skin conditions.

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